Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a few of my favorite rooms

Here are a few rooms that are my absolute favorites. I have a healthy obsession with white. I love how it makes every room look clean and that it goes remarkably well with any color.

This is my inspiration photo for my guest room. I love the white with spurts of pink. The only thing that I would change is the headboard. I hope to find one that is heavily tufted. I love tufts!!

There is so much about this room that I love. But, what drew me to this photograph was the color of the buffet in front of the blond. I love that color. Wouldn't that be a great color for a chest or dresser...or crib in high gloss!

This room was featured in domino sometime last year. Notice again the majority of white. When I worked for an interior designer last year, I pulled this Raoul fabric that covers the stool. I believe it is now discontinued, but I am determined to find it eventually. I love that chair and the sculpture on the floor.

This picture just makes me want to move into this house. It is so airy! I love everything about it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A long day ends nicely...

So...after much thought and internal debate, I have decided to start, as my sister would call it, an "online inspiration book". I have stacks and stacks of magazines that I cherish along with a messy desktop full of images that I have fallen in love with. But, now I am ready to release lovely things into the world.
I named it egg on the head because that is what my grandfather used to call me. I wish I could give you a long and funny story about how that pet name came to be, but to be honest, I was too little to remember exactly. Needless to say , it stuck with me.
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