Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So excited!

Hey everyone! I am so excited right now. So a little background...I don't really visit that many blogs...maybe five or so. But, one that I really love is cup of jo, by Joanna Goddard.

Joanna just had a baby a few weeks before I had Shepherd. And just like every proud mother, Joanna will post an updated picture of Toby, her baby boy. Well, one day I was on her blog and my mouth dropped because Toby looked SO MUCH like Shepherd! So, yesterday I came up with the idea to email her. This is what I said:

Dear Toby, 

My name is Shepherd. My mom's name is Lindsey Meyer. She is an artist and graphic designer in Dallas who loves your mom's blog. Well, the reason I am writing you is because my mom was looking at your mom's post a few weeks ago and she thought you were me! We were born just a week or so apart. So, I've decided to introduce myself to you and send you some pictures of myself. I hope to hear from you soon.



So cute, right? :) Well, much to my surprise this morning, Joanna had emailed me back! Here was her response:

Dear Shepherd,

Oh my gosh, we DO look so similar! My mom was amazed when she saw your photos, and she showed my dad, and he was amazed, too! Don't you think we're really cute? :)
So, how are you enjoying being alive, so far? My favorite things are foot massages, walks in the sling, eating around the clock, and making lots of noises in my sleep. My least favorite things are wet diapers (i freak out!).

Hope you have a great week, and my mom told me to tell you to say hi to your mama.


Isn't that great?!! I like her even more now. Thought you guys might enjoy that with me. And in the spirit of babies and sending/posting pictures, here is Shepherd, six weeks old today. Look at that face!

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Oh my goodness...that is so cute! I love your story. I hope that the e-mail from Shepherd to Toby has started a beautiful friendship! ;)


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