Tuesday, February 1, 2011

White consoles

Hey everyone! It snowed yesterday and has caused some kinks in the Dallas area. The Super Bowl is coming to town this weekend, which means I hope to head out of town. I hope my plans don't get tossed because of the snow!

In the spirit of all the white, today's post is all about white mirrored consoles. Love them. Don't you?

Until tomorrow...


  1. Lindsey! I'm TOTALLY in the market for a white mirrored console. :-) Seriously, I've been wanting the Reflections from Home Decorators forever, but it's too tall for under our TV. :-( Booo...I'm currently planning to DIY a thrift store yet-to-be-found.

    Love your new header!

    Lauren Elam

  2. Hi Lindsey-
    I am absolutely obsessed with the third console down from the top. Can you let me know where it came from? Love your blog!

  3. Hi there...where did you find the last console?! It's exactly what I'm looking for, but I can't find it anywhere!


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