Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shepherd's baptism

Hey everyone! Can you believe it's the week of Thanksgiving? Wow, time flies...just passing by. Well, my parents were in town this past weekend for Shep's baptism. I grew up Non-denominational, where we where baptized when we "professed" faith in Christ. Now we go to the Presbyterian church where Kirk grew up, and they baptize babies. I could go into what exactly they/we believe, but the point is that we dedicated our son to the Lord this past Sunday and it was really neat. He did pretty well and looked totally precious. Kirk's parents hosted a beautiful brunch that was so much fun. Thanks Becky! We also planted a tree in our front yard for Shepherd so as he grows up, no matter where we live in Dallas, we can go and visit "Shepherd's tree" and say, "that tree was planted the same week you were baptized". It was supposed to be planted the week he was born, but come on, we were a little busy. I like how it turned out. Enjoy!

He kept leaning back to see his daddy. 

My happy boys after a very sweet day...

We are having our family picture taken today for our Christmas cards. I hope they go well!

Until tomorrow...


  1. awesome linds! love the tree :) such a sweet day!

  2. What a wonderful event...and I love the tree idea. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your precious family.

  3. hellllllllllllllllllooooo hot momma!!!!!!!! i'd like to know who the amazing photographer was???????? and that dress?!!! somebody stoooooooooooooooop me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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