Monday, November 21, 2011

Little monster

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was really full, but really good. I decided to make my version on a monster t-shirt for Shepherd during his nap and the Razorback game on Saturday. First of all, can you believe those Hogs?!! Woo pig sooie!! Here is how it turned out on my little model.
ps. Applique is so fun!

Here are two finds that I got this past Saturday when we stopped at a garage sale that we saw on our way to a birthday party. Gotta love the sales you stumble upon!

I love the foo dog popular right now. I'll have to find a shade for it. The one it came with was so revolting that I immediately had to throw it away. 

I love vintage baskets. This one looked just like the baskets that we used to put our clothes in at the pool I went to as a kid. Perfect for Shep's toys. 

After doing one applique shirt, I am hooked. Here is the t-shirt that I just finished for Shepherd to wear Friday for the big Arkansas vs. LSU game. Go Hogs Go!

Until next time...

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