Friday, August 6, 2010

At home at work

Hey guys! I am home sweet home in Little Rock...just pulled in about an hour ago. We are back for Shepherd's Sip & See at my parent's house tomorrow morning. I wanted to replace a few paintings in my mom's dining room before the big shindig. I'm thinking big modern frames with large mats and filled with funky water colors. Here is a preview of the  frame that I am thinking. These are 25x25's.

And here is my inspiration. I know it's not much, but read what it says.

I have to go work on them and I'll post how they turn out! Sorry this is a short post, but we have much to do!
Until Monday...


  1. Come home soon! And wow - you are a creative guru!

  2. Hey! I just put up a post for the giveaway. :) Thanks again for agreeing! I just think they are so fun!


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