Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recent art

Happy Tuesday one and all! I hope you guys are doing really well. Today I am posting a few pieces of art that I have done recently. I have the privilege of showcasing some of my artwork at Cobblestone and Vine in Little Rock. I have done a few series of watercolors for them that I call my "Dancing Ladies".  Here are a few of my girls...

I am looking forward to getting out my oils again soon. I really didn't enjoy painting at all while I was pregnant because the smell of the oil was so strong. And now that my little "studio" has been transformed into Shepherd's room, I don't have a convenient place to paint. But, I saw this photograph and it gave me inspiration and a dream to one day have a place like this to work in.

Ahhhhh. Isn't it fantastic? It makes me want to go buy a gigantic canvas!

Until tomorrow...

1 comment:

  1. I love these! My favorite piece of yours that I've seen is one you painted for Jessica, I think for her birthday or anniversary? So beautiful, I had it as my desktop wallpaper for awhile. I really enjoy your work!


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