Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hey guys! I am in craft mode over here. Fall weather brings with it Halloween and Thanksgiving, and I love these two holidays. I have been working on all of our costumes the past few days. A little project for Shep turned into a whole new idea when Kirk told me he wanted to dress up too. My little man is going to be an owl, so I thought Kirk could be Harry Potter...Shepherd then being little Hedwig. But, Kirk doesn't want to be Harry Potter because he is still bitter that I was engrossed in the six book on our honeymoon. So, I might just be Harry and my boys can be owls. That leaves Lily without a role, but oh well. I'll post pictures later of our trick or treating experience. In the man time, today's post is about another craft that I plan to do tomorrow...decorate pumpkins. In my humble opinion, carving is out and painting is in! Here are a few pictures that have given me inspiration. Enjoy!

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