Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Living room improvements

Hey everyone! I hope that you had a great and restful holiday. Decorating our home is always a gradual process for me. Do you feel that way? But, a little improvement was made to our living room over the weekend. I sold my armoire on craigslist on Friday and moved a chest I repainted into the living room. I found these drapes on sale and hung them before my parents got here on Friday, which is why I failed to post!  Here are the before and after photos.

Before (this was the day of my baby shower)

The armoire just had to go! Having it gone and taking away the rug makes the room look so much bigger. And I finally reupholstered my little ottoman.


My next purchase for them room will have to be a sisal rug. But, finding an inexpensive one to fit the size of the room properly will be a challenge.
Until tomorrow...

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