Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cheap thrills

Happy hump day everyone. I am sorry that I failed to post the past two days. Monday was a blur and Tuesday I had mother's co op over a post just wasn't happening.  I thought that I would start a new regular post about the goodies that I find at estate sales/thrift stores. This is my absolute favorite thing to do. There is something so exciting to me about venturing out with the possibility of finding something amazing for nothing. So, here is my first entry and a few pictures of what I have found in the last week. I have to warn you...I really scored last Saturday. This woman did not even realize what she had, poor thing. 

To my utter disbelief, I found this upholstered headboard for $10.00. Ten dollars! I almost peed my pants. She needs a little TLC, but I love here just the way she is.

She also sold me this tortoise shell bracelet for $1.00...been wanting one of those too.

Today I headed to the Oak Cliff Salvation Army. I found these beautiful ostridge heals. I especially love the shape of the heal and the gold accent.  $5.00 

A funky winter fedora...$3.50 Don't worry, it's already been lysoled and febreezed. 

I needed a medium thickness brown belt. $2.50

I can't wait until Friday and Saturday morning! I'll keep you posted.

Amen to that, sister.
Until tomorrow...

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