Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Good morning everyone! It is cold and rainy here in Little Rock, so I decided to post something that makes me really happy...accessories! My friends and family know that I have been contemplating the idea of opening an antique booth in Dallas in the near future. I figure that since I an on the look-out for great things for fun, why not make a little more money of my finds? I am waiting for a few things to fall into place, but in the mean time I will be launching a store via facebook and perhaps ebay as well as posting bigger items on craigslist. My mom and I have been all around central Arkansas the past few days in search of treasures and have been fruitful! I will post my finds really soon and keep you posted here on my blog as well. Here are a few pictures that give you an idea of the items that you will see at my shop. Enjoy! (By the way...if you are frequent egg on the head reader, please take the time to follow the blog and pass it to your friends!)

I really am going to get better at posting regularly. Thank you for sticking with me!

Until tomorrow...

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